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Current Beauty Wishlist:

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Spring is here and my favorite season Summer will be here any minute (although it already feels like summer in NYC). And with the change of the weather usually comes a change in beauty routines for a lot of us. Continue reading to check out what's currently on my beauty wishlist! I will add that I always have a running beauty wishlist because I am obsessed with skin care, accepting all donations to feed my obsession!

1. The Ordinary - Niancinamide + Zinc - $5.90 | Deciem

This is my *holy grail* item for keeping my acne at bay. (Side note: I'll be doing my current routine for acne prone skin as my next skin care post so stay tuned for that!) I always try new products but this always stays in the mix. Once I discovered this I have not strayed! I actually am down to my final drops on my current bottle so this is why it's on here now. Need to pay a visit to the ordinary soon.

2. Jade Roller - $19 | Amazon

Okay....I really need one of these. Personally I just wanted something cold to rub on my face to cool it off/reduce redness/inflammation (ice does the trick but messy...). While I was looking on amazon I found this jade roller and figured I could jump on the bandwagon. While I don't think a jade roller will slim your face as they claim, I do think it will help with inflammation and any sensitivity you may have (due to it being cold).

3. Fenty - Chilli Shimmer Stick!!!!!! - $25 | Sephora

I am a big fan of the Fenty shimmer sticks (and everything Fenty I've tried) and I feel Chilli is perfect for the summer. It could add some nice color to you cheeks or lips. Very fun and very summer, all for it!

4. PFB+ Chromabright - $32 | PFB

It's practically summer already and we need to keep those bikini areas looking right! Well this is the perfect product for that, for anywhere you may get ingrown hairs actually. The PFB Chromabright helps eliminate those horrible ingrown hairs and even helps brighten those dark spots that they also cause. A summer MUST!

5. The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA - $7.70 | Deciem

I also need a new moisturizer! I haven't tried this one but the ingredients look promising (although there are mixed reviews on the website). And if you haven't heard The Ordinary is having major drama right now because of their CEO and some stores have even pulled their partnership with them...it's really crazy stuff...Which makes me think about wanting to support them. I will be honest though, they are so affordable and everything I have tried has been amazing, I just wish they get all of that sorted out soon! Let me know in the comments if you'd like a review of The Ordinary products I have tried! I have tried MANY.

6. Fenty body lava!!!!!!!!!!!!/Anything Fenty tbh - $59 | Sephora

As I mentioned above, I am obsessed with Fenty beauty so here is another Fenty item I'm coveting. I'm a big fan of body shimmers and really want to try the Fenty ones! I don't even see them on Sephora's website anymore though so that I might have messed up on not buying one sooner. Guess I will have to settle for the pom or try my luck on eBay.

7. Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment - $48 | Sephora

Somebody, a fellow member of the dark circle committee, recommended this to me and I am so anxious to try! I have dark circles pre-k and it is hard to cover them up sometimes. I have tried everything under the sun so I am hoping this actually works.

8. L'oreal BB Cream - $7.49 | Target

This is my favorite BB cream (not that I've tried too many though haha). I haven't used it in a while and would like to try it again. It is so easy to apply and just goes on so smoothly. Perfect for those "no make up" make-up days. And not to mention it's probably one of the cheapest on the market. The only downside is that the shade range is very limited (they only have 3), even though it's supposed to adapt to your skin. It starts out white then changes to a tinted color which is pretty cool if you ask me.

9. A moisturizer with SPF - $8+ | Target/Sephora

Wearing sunscreen every day is SUPER important, if you don't already I need you to start! Sunscreen is a must to prevent premature wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation!!! Sunscreen also helps prevent things like skin cancer and other skin conditions (like eczema and rosacea) from worsening. I wear sunscreen every day of course but unfortunately, I am a horribly late person (something I'm working on...), and sometimes just plain lazy so adding 1 product that acts as 2/cuts down my morning routine even by just a few second will be great. Anything that gets me out the door faster! I did a lot of research and these are my top oil free moisturizers, so don't be afraid to try if you have acne prone skin. The Cerave one and Clinique are the ones I'm purchasing now! I've heard great things about the elf skin care line so curious to try this Illuminating Moisturizer as well. Most of these can be purchased at your local Target or drugstore.

(Links for the rest can be found here: Origins VitaZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer, Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer)

(Note: this post may contain some affiliate links that help support the blog at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!)

Pin for later:

I also am on the hunt for a new (and hopefully not to pricy) foundation for this summer especially since I may tan and be darker than I am for the rest of the year. Definitely need to do a little more research on some oil-free and non-comodogenic ones. Do you all have any you'd like to recommend?! By the way...I recently discovered the best website ever which matches you to practically EVERY foundation on the market based on the current foundations matches you already have. Check it out here. (Not a sponsored plug at all, I truly love this site!)

Let me know in the comments: what is on your summer beauty list?!

Thank you so much reading! XO

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